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Do your party plans include printables?

Most of the party plans do not include printables. That’s because I’ve partnered with talented graphic designers who have created custom printables just for my parties. I’m not a designer, so those ladies do a much better job for you. All the party plans include links to the designers’ shops.

What age child are your party plans for?

Generally, the parties will work for ages 4 and up. I have crafts and up-and-at-’em activities for each party, so the children need to be old enough to manage loosely supervised time. However, I’ve seen moms use my party plans for 1-year-old parties. They use the menu and decorations, and have the games for older children in attendance. The only exception to my 4-and-up guideline is the Mystery Party Plan. I think you need to be 8 or older to be a fan of mysteries and understand the concept of solving a case.

I’m having trouble downloading or opening my party plan. Can you help?

After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email like this one. Just click the blue download link to download your party plan.

If you still don’t see your download email, please check your email spam folder. If it’s not there, just contact me.

This is the next screen you will see. Click the Download Now button.

This is the third screen you will see. You can either open the file or save it to your computer. I recommend clicking Save File. Whichever you choose, then click OK.

If you save the file, it will probably default to your downloads folder. Go there. Click the PDF file to open your party plan.

If your party plan also contains printables, it will be delivered as a Zip file. In your downloads folder, double click the Zip file to open a blue folder. The following image shows the Zip file after it has been double-clicked and the blue folder is showing.

Click the blue folder to open, and then click to open each file in the folder.

The party plan (and any other files) is a PDF. You will need to have the free version of Adobe Reader to open the PDF. (Choose either Mac or PC.) Also, you may have an easier time opening the PDF on a computer rather than a tablet.

I don’t want to buy your party plan, but can you tell me where you bought the things you used in your party?

If you look at the My Parties page of my site, you will find links to my parties. At the bottom of each party post, you will see links to some of my vendors. If you want the complete list, you can purchase a party plan for just $24.

I’m interested in one of your party plans, but want different activities. Do you have some ideas?

Sure. But it sounds like you’re really looking for a Custom Party Plan. With a Custom Party Plan, we start with a fresh slate and design something just for you and your child.

I contacted one of the vendors listed in your party plan but she’s not responding or her shop is on vacation. Can you help?

That’s one reason I advise customers to begin planning their parties at least four weeks in advance, but earlier if at all possible. If someone is not responding to an Etsy convo, my best advice is to try contacting them via a direct message on their social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter.

One of the vendors listed in your party plan has closed her shop. Can you help?

Yes.I try to update the party plans about once a year, but I don't always know if a vendor has closed her shop. If you run into this problem, please contact me and I will try to find you a substitute. 


Can you make the bunting in a different length?

I'd be happy to! Please email me at and I'll set up a custom listing for you.

Can I order more than one bunting?

Yes - no problem. Just change the quantity either before or after you add the bunting to your cart. However, if you order more than two buntings, I may need to charge for shipping. The box size and package weight will increase past the point that I can offer free shipping.

Can you change the design of the bunting?

If I can, I'm happy to switch out one of the fabrics in a bunting. Custom requests are how some of my favorite buntings came to be designed. Please email me at

Can you add a flag to the bunting so I can use it as a high chair bunting?

Yes, buntings with a felt flag are an additional $5. Please email me at jennifer@thepartyteacher, and I'd be happy to work out the details with you.

How soon do buntings ship out?

Usually, I can make and ship your bunting within three days of purchase. You'll also need to allow for three business days of mailing time via USPS Priority Mail.

Can you mail buntings internationally?

The cost of shipping internationally is usually more than the cost of the bunting, so I do not offer international shipping.