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Ray of Sunshine Baby Shower by The Party Teacher

plan your own gorgeous baby shower with the help of my easy-to-follow planner

Hi! I'm Jennifer, The Party Teacher

Since 2011, I’ve been making it easier for moms to create parties their kids declare “the best ever!” But before all that, I was a mom reading party blogs and wondering, “But HOW did she do that?”

I figured it out, and now I want to share everything I’ve taught myself along the way. 

Let’s save you time, save you stress, and double the fun you have planning your next party.

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Save time in the Party Plan Club

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  • I'll walk you through each step in the process
  • 15 short video lessons
  • Do your homework, and your party will be planned
  • 19 cheat sheets to guide your planning
  • Plus: 9 bonus video lessons

Create your dessert table inside the Dessert Course

  • Style your dessert table like a pro on a DIY budget
  • 6 short video lessons
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  • Step-by-step homework lessons 
  • Do the homework and your dessert table will be ready!