Christmas Season Planner INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Each Christmas season, there’s so much we want to do, make, and bake … so many traditions we want to share with our kiddos … and at least one party we’d love to throw. If only we had more time, more energy, and a little more room in our budget.

This printable PDF includes 35 checklists, worksheets and calendars to simplify the season, make it meaningful, and keep you organized.

USE THE CHECKLISTS ... to follow my proven systems
USE THE WORKSHEETS ... to personalize your to-dos
USE THE CALENDARS ... to plot your holiday activities

This planner is designed to help you organize your Christmas season so you control it … instead of the month of December controlling you.

Just print out this planner, maybe pop it in a three-ring binder, and make the season work for you this year.


Letter size: 8.5" x 11"


Once you complete your purchase, the planner will be available for instant download for seven days. You will see a screen confirming your purchase. Just click the link on that screen to download your planner.


35 worksheets & checklists, including:

1 - Priorities Worksheet
2 - Decluttering Checklist
3 - Your Decluttering To-Dos
4 - Cleaning Checklist
5 - Your Cleaning To-Dos
6 - Maintaining Checklist
7 - Your Maintaining To-Dos
8 - Decorating Checklist
9 - Your Decorating To-Dos
10 - Hosting Checklist
11 - One-Page Party Planner
12 - Gifting Checklist
13 - Gift Brainstorming Worksheet
14 - Christmas Budget Planner
15 - Coupon Tracker
16 - Gift Planner by Person
17 - Stocking Stuffer Planner by Person
18 - Gift Planner by Multiple People
19 - Thank You Notes Tracker
20 - Menu Planning Checklist
21 - Menu Planning To-Dos
22 - Menus and Recipe Suggestions List
23 - Recipe Cards
24 - Menu Planning Worksheet
25 - Christmas Eve and Day Cooking Timelines
26 - Baking Worksheet and Pantry Checklist
27 - Grocery Shopping List
28 - Traditions and School Break Checklist
29 - Traditions and School Break Worksheet
30 - Elf on the Shelf Worksheet
31 - Advent Calendar Worksheet
32 - Christmas Card List
33 - November Calendar (Undated)
34 - December Calendar (Undated)
35 - January Calendar (Undated)


These planner pages are undated, so you can print out fresh pages, date the calendars, and use this planner year after year!


Please don't share the planner with your friends. This planner cannot be resold. Thank you.