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Vintage Tea Party Plan INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Are you a busy mom looking to throw an original birthday party for your daughter? My party plans give you hundreds of full color party photos, plus step-by-step instructions, tutorials and shopping resources. I do the planning, so you can focus on the fun.

This 50+ page party plan is a PDF that downloads instantly after purchase. I include suggestions for:

* Party printables (printables are not included)
* Decorating
* Menu
* Dessert table styling
* Games, crafts and activities
* Favors
* Favor packaging
* Budget estimator (and ways to reduce costs)
* Links to shopping for your party online
* Advice on picking the party location, day and time
* Crafting tutorials
* 4-week party prep guide
* Day of the party schedule


Once you complete your purchase, the party plan will be available for instant download for seven days. You will see a screen confirming your purchase. Just click the link on that screen to download your party plan.


A party classic, my Vintage Tea Party Plan transports your guests to a world of hats and gloves, fine manners and finger foods. Don't know where to start? I've already planned the party for you.

At your vintage tea party, your guests will:
* Enjoy a full afternoon tea
* Decorate hats so they will be properly attired
* Adorn themselves with gloves and necklaces
* Relay race while balancing a book on their heads (good posture is a must for little ladies)
* Play "drop the sugar cube in the teapot" (a team relay race)
* Crack open a teapot pinata
* Take home felt cookies for playing tea party with you!


This party is perfect for ages 3 and up.




My Party Plans are designed to be viewed on your computer, tablet or phone. While you can print them, they are set up in spreads, so the pages will be small when printed. If you view the PDF on your e-device, you'll be able to click all the shopping links with ease. So, save a tree -- and all that expensive printer ink -- and view the plan on-screen. :-)


"Five stars!" - Rosalia

"Five stars! Exactly the inspiration I needed!" - Colleen


Please don't share the party plan with your friends. This file is for personal use only and not for use by party planners. This party plan cannot be resold. Thank you.